7 Watt Grow Lights 4 Indoor Plants – Desk Clamp Adjustable Arm – Lights Seedlings, Aquarium, Houseplants, Veg, Shoots, Flowers, Marijuana & Cannabis – Blue & Red Full Spectrum Bulb

$26.47 $17.27

NKLed Leading LED Innovators TRUSTED by Amazon Buyers Everywhere. EXTRA SAVINGS IN YOUR POCKET – Rid the worry & guilt of paying extortionate bills that can come when using plant grow lights.  Never again pay a cent more than you have to on ever mounting energy bills! Our LED’s use a massive 60 percent LESS electricity CHEAP to RUN and leaves you with peace of mind.
HIGHLY ENERGY EFFICIENT : Less heat & more light producing Led’s. Lights lose virtually none of their energy to heat. Nothing is burned for an LED to emit light. Exactly what a savvy plant grower like you wants, MORE energy to YOUR plant growth and less to running the bulb.
BEAUTIFUL ROBUST DESIGN FOR POWER & NO ONE ELSE DOES IT THE WAY WE DO : Highly robust spec & design, built using SMOOTH metal aluminium with clever heat dissipation design, it allows no noticeable heat even after 24 hours use & comes in a ribbed modern design thats TOTALLY UNIQUE to this clip light! No more worry of overheating. We ENSURED THIS IS PREMIUM with absolutely NO SHARP edges & risk of cuts unlike some other cheaper models on Amazon. Keep safe & happy growing.

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